2020 #LiteraryLemonade Virtual Book Bash... 

Hey y'all! It's been almost a year, and my birthday is coming quickly! This time around, I've decided to relaunch "Second Time Around" and invite readers from around the world to talkback and dish it up, #StonyStyle. 

Enter your email below and click the "Sign Up" button, so you don't miss the Zoom meeting link and access code. We're going to turn up and turn some pages on Saturday, June 27th at 6:00 pm CST. Grab your copy and invite a friend! Get ready for Kendal and Chase, unfiltered. #Coronacation ain't stoppin' Stony!  XOXO 

Don't forget to sign up for access. We're throwing a private party! I can't wait to hear from you! It's about to be on. Even my grandma is waiting for book two! 

Bring your commentaries, ask your questions, and leave on full. Don't let another relationship drain you. Read. Refuel. Refocus. 


The Alter-Ego

Stony Rhodes is an international award-winning fiction writer. The pseudonym for Shaundale Rénā, Stony Rhodes released her first novel in the Sweet & Sour Series, Second Time Around (2019), which has over 33,000 reads and was voted Best Newcomer prior to its 2019 release on Wattpad.

Stony Rhodes seeks to empower those in transition through colorful stories of desperation and contempt and to remind others that if we aren't our best selves alone, then please don't bring our worst selves into the meeting, into the marriage, or into the moments we create with anyone else. In other words, do the work and get yourself together because sometimes you simply have to divorce yourself to get to the better parts of who you truly are. Trust me; I know.

Long story short, Shaundale Rénā got tired one day. She was done committing to her own kind of crazy and knew that if she was going to live the life she'd dreamed of as a child, she was going to have to let some things (and some people) go. She just didn't know that would include herself. So, be crazy enough to divorce crazy thought patterns, crazy situations, crazy genetic traits, crazy lovers, crazy family, and crazy friends—but more importantly, the crazy person looking at you in the mirror. It's time for a change; make one. Let your best relationship with you be your next relationship with you. The journey begins now. Join me if you dare to be enlightened, encouraged, and entertained.  #StonyRhodes


Author and Radio Personality @StonyRhodes

Author and Radio Personality @StonyRhodes

Voted Best Newcomer!

NBA star Chase Alexander, with all of his success, never realizes his greatest failure... that is until the woman of his dreams crosses his path. After years of doctoring on her best friend when they were kids, Kendal Winters is now a neurosurgeon and married with children of her own. Recently realizing everything is not always fair in love and war, she must decide to make peace with her cheating husband or to get even—if not both.

Will Kendal and Jason succumb or succeed in marriage if failure is not an option, or will Chase remind her that any love which starts to fade didn't really exist in the first place? Can they stop what never ended decades ago, or will they begin what never really started the Second Time Around?




Voted Best Newcomer 2016 on Wattpad.com. $14.97

Voted Best Newcomer 2016 on Wattpad.com. $14.97

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