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Shaundale Rénā is an Amazon best-selling non-fiction writer who enjoys reading (anything), writing (anytime), and traveling (anywhere). A professional by day and an artist by night, she balances both worlds by watching all things Marvel and DC―hence the persona (@StonyRhodes). She is the author of one published book entitled Once Broken, Now Blessed (2009), as well as a contributing author for two additional publishings that include If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now (2017), which debuted at #16 on Amazon Self-Help/Self-Esteem, and My Story, My Journey: Collateral Beauty (2019). Having embraced this new season of life, she is now more aware than ever that at some point you have to own your mess and create the message you intend to share. 



Once Broken, Now Blessed is currently out of print but may be relaunched at a later date. Stay tuned. 

"If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now"

How many times have you thought to yourself if only I knew then what I know now? Would anything be different in your life today? In this #16 Amazon Best-Seller 42 women revisit and address lessons from their past experiences and transform them into teachable moments in their now. 

"My Story, My Journey: Collateral Beauty" by Sandi D. Johnson

Collateral Beauty is the blessing of the left-behind lessons that strengthens us for our purpose. This book is a compilation of 12 stories of not just overcoming but of learning during life’s most challenging situations. It takes you into the hearts of the co-authors, as they are transparent about losses in its many forms. The topics include: loss of self, loss of life, and loss of love. 

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